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Monday, 13-Feb-2006 19:01 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ sembilu 5! hehehe | juhanis + irwan +

in this house today...
someone is getting ready..
someone is getting a huge hug..
someone is just shy to smile to the camera...
someone just came..
and someone just admiring her work.. heheh...
parents... meanwhile...
like usual.. busy entertaining...
termasuklah the uncle as well..
ju almost ready...
ade sikiiiiit je lagi minor touch-up
from the cousin...
while org lain pulak, sibuk bergambar! ahahah
king-of-the-day arrived!
lead by the parents...
uh-oh.. hensemnya irwankuuuu
alamak,.. parents dia buat toll ke?
fuhh..legaaa.. takde.. hehehe
and later direnjis-ed..
pengapit.. and frens..
mcm biaser.. couldn't resist the camera.. ahaha (kalah pngantin)
sila semua.. jemput makan.. nasik dah sejukkk..
yeay.. its makan time...
eh eh.. my next client! :D
nyum nyum...
min! jgn lupe makan ok!
datuk rosli and datin.. testing the cameraman for next week!ahah
granma... testing out too! hehe
1 for the frenster guys! hehehe
ah! jiran dah datang!
dulu i offer ju dalam movie i.. hehehe
dah offer ju dalam Sembilu dulu,dia xnak! kan dah rugi i!
buat lawak lak abg yusof ni!
kenapelah husbandku ini menggigit begitu.. hehehe
ohh.. dia x sabar nak posing2 outdoor.. hehehe
sembilu 5...
in action...
and here comes...
the lagu2 jiwang part...
aaa.. abg yusof tengok ni suke ni.. hehehe
jeng jeng...
jeng jeng...
tak sabar2 diorang nak tgk.. ahaha
i'm the pak guard at the gate...
dimanakah heroku..
cak! i'm here! hehehe
kalau kita bawak min pegi dublin apa kata yang?
ish.. menarik gak tu...u tanye la min nanti... hehehe
bye guys! kitorang x abis posing lagi.. heheh
2 photographers' angle | * min's camera
* kiwi's camera
* min's
* kiwi's
ok min... kita buat last shot...
yg mcmni.. konon2 babai... hehehe.. babaaaiii
walaupun org still ramai mkn2.. hehehe.. c u guys next week!
+ some clients do not understand why do we offer second photographer as options. many clients do not see the rationale of having 2 photographers to shoot the same couple . " do i really need 2 photographers?" well, this entry explains it all. i strongly suggested to ju and irwan to have another photographer because by having 2 photographers, for sure the client will get 2 different angles at any single moment, 2 areas of coverage at different places and not to forget.. twice the number of peektures! in this entry for example... there is no way for us to capture the moment irwan arrived and at the same time to capture ju coming out of the house. ( the gate and the house' door is very jauh ok! ).. then with 2 photographers, hidden faces of 'perenjis' doing upacara merenjis can be avoided by having these 2 photographers at the right side and the left side of the pelamin. and at the end of the day, thanks to the miracle of digital camera, the cost for the second photographer is not that expensive anyway..

anyway, here are some of the peeks during ju's reception. enjoy! ( 2 down, 2 more to go! ahahaha (allson klana + kuala klawang) ) +

+ cheers +

+ where/when | ulu langat / saturday, 24 dec '05
+ peektugrapher | min + fairuz aka kiwi

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