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Thursday, 19-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ muhammad idris & mimi jazlina | reception +

here after the akad nikah yesterday
ada meja makan...
ada flower arch...
ada mawi taman guru.. :D
ada pengantin yg tengah bersiap :D
ada kawan2 pengantin yang main nyorok2.. :P
dan paling best ~~ ada hadiah! yeay!
some posed shots.. before it all starts
eh eh.. mcm mawi...
penyepit.. eh,pengapit, sheyna sempat praktis before her day :P
uncle.. kami one shot plllssssss!!!!
eh.. betul ke bill caterer ni...
parents, bz welcoming the guests...
eh nanti aku kawen, ko pegang bunga manggar ni utk aku ek?
adik pengantin, looking bz ( or posed bz for the camera.. hehe )
fan mawi tanak balik bila keluar lagu mawi... hehehe
kompang! kepak! kepak! kepung! kepung!
the queen.. greeting the king...
and so they walked together...
for the merenjis ceremony
handsomely they sat on the pelamin
weh... ade menda merayap dlm tkolok aku la..
1.2... cheeeeeseeeee...
and so they were blessed...
by families and friends..
later, its lunch time...
and after that, potong keekkkkkk!
sheyna: aaa.. aku ade idea.. daripada korang suap masing2...
baik korang suap kitorang! woohoo
siparr!!! ko lak suap kitoranggg!!!
buleh tak mimi? hee! hee! hee!
woit korang.. mimi kata bulehhh!!!!
friends.. tak penat2 berposing
pengantin... penat posing! hee hee
arghh.. syoknye ( angin la! ape lagi )
they had...
while having their peeks taken...
frens pun tumpang sekaki sronot sronot...
we're in luuuuuv ( t'mark, thx to mr fairuz aka kiwi )
ok.. dah abis kan? apa program kita lepas ni? heee heee heee

+ the day after the solemnization of mimi jazlina hj md jaini or mimi and muhammad idris hj zainal abidin or 'sipar' , a reception was held by hj md jaini's family at the family residence. friends who went back to KL late yesterday night still arrived early as they wouldn't want to miss the chance in celebrating the most memorable day of their dear friend, now 'mrs' mimi jazlina. never seen a bride so cheerfully 'suap' her friends with the wedding cake! ...

i think the year 2005 was the year of 'Mawi-themed Wedding Songs'. As long as there is a deejay armed with a mic, cd player and a stack of cds, confirm mesti ada lagu Mawi!. Hahaha.. at one point of this event, there was a cute 4 or 5 years-old boy who mengamuk taknak balik coz the deejay had just played a Mawi song. so, as the boy's nenek, aunties and sisters walked back, the mom had to wait for him next to a pajero under the scorching sun just becoz he refused to go back until the song is over. how cute! akakaka...

to Mimi and Sipar, thank you for believing in me to capture the moments on your historic day! Hope you enjoy your albums and heartiest congratulations from Effa and I.


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