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Tuesday, 21-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ from langat to kuala kelawang +

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+ later, it was dato' hj shamsul bahari's turn to hold the reception for the celebrated couple. held at the groom's family residence in kuala klawang, N9... again this kind of situation proved that having two photographers is truly vital.

today's team splitted into two ( takdelah team sangat pun, just 2 peektugraphers je.. ). me with the couple who were gettting ready from ju's place in hulu langat & azim went first to dato' hj shamsul's house. this way, we were able to capture what's going on while the couple were getting ready and what's going on at the kenduri before the pengantin came.

so guys, for you who might want to hire any photographers out there for your big day, please have a second thought.. " do i need one? or TWO? " .... hehehehe +

+ cheers! +

+ where/when | kuala klawang, N9 / monday, 26 dec '05
+ peektugrapher | min + azim

t : +6013 391 2911 ym : mrikan

Monday, 13-Feb-2006 19:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ sembilu 5! hehehe | juhanis + irwan +

in this house today...
someone is getting ready..
someone is getting a huge hug..
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+ some clients do not understand why do we offer second photographer as options. many clients do not see the rationale of having 2 photographers to shoot the same couple . " do i really need 2 photographers?" well, this entry explains it all. i strongly suggested to ju and irwan to have another photographer because by having 2 photographers, for sure the client will get 2 different angles at any single moment, 2 areas of coverage at different places and not to forget.. twice the number of peektures! in this entry for example... there is no way for us to capture the moment irwan arrived and at the same time to capture ju coming out of the house. ( the gate and the house' door is very jauh ok! ).. then with 2 photographers, hidden faces of 'perenjis' doing upacara merenjis can be avoided by having these 2 photographers at the right side and the left side of the pelamin. and at the end of the day, thanks to the miracle of digital camera, the cost for the second photographer is not that expensive anyway..

anyway, here are some of the peeks during ju's reception. enjoy! ( 2 down, 2 more to go! ahahaha (allson klana + kuala klawang) ) +

+ cheers +

+ where/when | ulu langat / saturday, 24 dec '05
+ peektugrapher | min + fairuz aka kiwi

Thursday, 9-Feb-2006 08:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ siti juhanis & irwan | akad nikah +

the make up artist is starting to do her magic
while ju's friend is laughing coz her hair looks weird
tergezut tgk auntienya yg cun melecun nii...
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+ people always think that great photos solely lies in the hand of the photographer. well, not to contradict with that but the bride and groom too have an important role to play . sometimes there are clients who asked me on their wedding day " min.. ambik gambar cun-cun ok! " then they straight away make 'masam' faces and hardly smiles. forget the crazy acts or any 'gila-gila' action la kan. sure, as a photographer, i had to interact with the bride or groom to ease them in front of the camera. but still, i cannot 'direct' for the whole day and thus made all the bride's or groom's expressions 'fake' and unnatural. furthermore, if the bride or groom is comfortable with the camera and photographer, for sure we as the peektugrapher of the day will not be hesitate to go for that extra mile to take a shot! so, just my 2 cents, pllllssss meet your peektugrapher before your BIG day, have an 'ice-breaking' session and u will find it IS FUN to be in front of the camera...

syah irwan dato' hj shamsul bahari & siti juhanis hj jaafar is a perfect example where the clients are comfortable with us and vice versa. they treated us VERY VERY VERY kindly and its hard for us not to capture their peeks as many as possible and as good as a peekture can get. they are very natural with the camera and every expression from them are not acted & seldom we asked them to do any false actions et cetera. thanks guys! u guys are the best!

this wonderful couple live and work in dublin, ireland and came back recently for their wedding. thank you for believing in us! it was fun working with u guys! so here are the peeks. stay tuned for the reception day ( ju's ) and reception for irwan ( kuala kelawang + allson klana seremban )... till then, enjoy the peeks! +

+ cheers +

+ where/when | ulu langat ( next door to yusof haslam's ) / friday, 23 dec '05
+ peektugrapher | min + fairuz aka kiwi

Wednesday, 8-Feb-2006 08:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ siti juhanis & irwan | akad nikah +

currently uploading

Tuesday, 7-Feb-2006 04:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ hazleen & azrin | engagement +

in a senget neighbourhood.. ( just kidding! ahaha )
the pakcik tried to peek in...
at his niece...
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+ in a quite neighbourhood somewhere in kepong, an engagement ceremony was held for the happy couple, azrin & hazleen ( wow, their names rhymes too ek? heheheh ). well, here are the peeks. insyaallah if everything goes well, u can view their wedding peeks too at prettypeeks sometime in april. so, pls come back to view this happy couple's peeks during their BIG day ok?

+ cheers! +

+ where/when | kepong / saturday, 25 dec '05
+ peektugrapher | azim

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