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Thursday, 18-May-2006 23:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ shalina & razif | berinai besar +

cak! im ready!
spectators yg beli tiket VIP pun dah ready...
pelamin.. awaiting the queen of the day
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+ some call it berinai besar but in kedah, it is better known as 'masuk pelamin'. as many of us knows, it is a traditional malay custom where everyone from the bride's family blessed the bride before her actual reception day + does not involve the groom or anyone from the groom's family. but if im not mistaken, there ARE a few 'masuk pelamins' that i went where the groom is there as well ! . alamaks! im really confused!

can anyone out there please shed a light on this matter ?

+ cheers! +

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+ when/where | 28th jan '06 / alor setar
+ peektugrapher | kiwi

Thursday, 18-May-2006 16:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ nona may 2006 :) +


+ still remember our janda baik wedding? hehehe.. after a few months waiting, recently their peeks were finally published in the NONA magazine for the month of may. huray! the peeks are included from page 184 --> 187 ! ++

+ still feels as if it was just yesterday me and wifey went to the beautiful aman rimba in janda baik to snap these shots. congrats again to corrine & isrin! +

+ cheers +

+ m i n +

Tuesday, 16-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ shalina & razif | akad nikah @ alor setar +

someone will be booked!
f o r e v a !
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+ shalina or sheyna among her friends and razif aka bagong were MMU Cyberjaya undergrads when they first met. recalling how they met at the early beginning, as sheyna puts it, it was during one fine evening at the food court of her hostel when she suddenly realized a hunk ( in this story, it's bagong~lah ) was there having some drinks with his friends and was staring at her. without she realized it, while she was reallly reallly realllyyy tengah control, she accidentally walked straight towards the wall and BAMMM!!!

acah je.. dongeng je cerita tu. hehehehe

how they did really met each other? well, itu kena tanya tuan punya badan. hehehe.. we're just the BIG-day photographers. heheheh.. more to come with them as the stars:

1. Majlis Berinai Besar
2. Reception by Sheyna's Family
3. Reception by Bagong's Family @ Kg Tunku, PJ

so stay tuned ok! +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +

+ when/where | 28th jan '06 / alor setar
+ peektugrapher | kiwi

Monday, 15-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ wedding planners, anyone? +

+ some of you might noticed that i have linked this website to my fotopage for quite some time. the owner of prima persona is none other than.. jeng jeng jeng.. hehehe my luvly sister, pn norhaliza. here i feature an article from her website about wedding planners. so, should anyone out there interested to engage one, feel free to ring her up! +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +


To engage or not to engage (a wedding planner) - That is the Question

Engaging a non-family member and paying this person to plan a wedding is considered something new and a waste of money among the Malays. It has always been the brides/grooms, their parents and the family members who do the wedding planning. It’s a family-thingy kind of activity. Another alternative that is available now: A stranger who plans your wedding. Obvious and normal feedback would be - No, thank you!

WHAT does a wedding planner or wedding consultant or wedding coordinator do? Well, basically they do just that – PLANNING. Some vendors claim that they also do wedding planning, which is OK, but a real wedding planner is someone who does planning and planning only. That way they will be focused only on planning and not be distracted in trying to sell their other services as well.

Wedding planners are paid by the brides or grooms who engage their service. They plan together with the brides/grooms and of course, will guide the clients with some useful advice here and there throughout the planning process.

The fees are usually based on a flat fee or a percentage of the whole wedding cost or hourly fee, depending on the type of services these wedding planners provide.

Bottom line, the benefits that the brides and grooms get are numerous. Just to name a few:

1. a wedding planner will help you plan EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your wedding from registering for the wedding course up to planning your honeymoon

2. a wedding planner will get all the things together, i.e. you don’t have to call or walk to each and every florist, caterer, make up artist, etc. to get quotes

3. a wedding planner will wash the dishes and clear the tables if necessary

4. a wedding planner will be there at your ceremony/reception until it ends to make sure that everything goes smoothly as planned

Having said all those, hope the brides and grooms who are reading this will be more receptive to the idea of engaging a wedding planner. They are there to help you make your dream wedding come true.

w : http://www.primapersona.com.my
t : 013 670 1890
e : norhaliza@primapersona.com.my

Saturday, 13-May-2006 06:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ fizzie & hafiz | reception @ klang +

kasut dah ready...
tapi pengantin lak yg belum ready...
ape laaa yg min dok amik tuu..
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+ this is the third function for fizzie & hafiz and we were glad to be their official peektugraphers . took place in taman sri andalas, klang, many of the couple's friends whom were not able to attend fizzie's reception in JB came to this reception. too many people, and very few peektugrapher ( well.. only 1! .. hahaha ). since i had to allocate some time at hafiz's place to take their preparation peeks, it left me not enough time to capture the on-goings at the reception place at a nearby community hall. tried my best to cover as many things as possible, though ... jadik superman seround on that day! hahaha

for future clients, insyaallah u might want to consider in having 2 peektugraphers for your day. feel free to enquire within for our 2nd peektugrapher rates and we'll be more than glad to attend to your enquiries. fret not, it wont break your bank!

to fizzie and hafiz, thank you for having me as your peektugrapher. looks like we have 'something' in common, ek? ( shhh... rahsia kan? kita je yg tau kan? heheheh )... CONGRATULATIONS and i wish u guys the very best for your future life +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +

+ when/where | 5th feb '06 / klang
+ peektugrapher | min

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