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Thursday, 27-Jul-2006 18:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ noor fazrina & azmi | nikah & reception @ klang +

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+ fazrina or fondly called faz by her friends is a long long long time friend of mine. knew her since standard one @ srk d'sara utama ( but just couldn't quite remember how she looked then! ) and used to stay a stone's throw away from my parent's in taman tun. we were prefects together and also got into the school's BM debate team together ( yes.. u read me correctly.. i joined the debate team in school! kakaka ). as far as i can remember, she was quite a tough girl to break back then, often has something to reply to the opposing team and always been the teacher's favourite. no wonder she was made the first speaker from the third initially while i'm stuck as the second speaker all the time!

then, moved to secondary... i went up north to kuala kangsar while she went down south to Johor Bahru ( STF ). we lost contact with each other but as fate unfolds, she was one of my wifey's closest friends. hmmm... what a small world isn't it? but then, only during form 2 when we started contacting each other again. she went on to represent STF in various debate competitions while I... er... represent... er... takde ape kot. ... ( well.. i guess there were already toooo many good debaters to choose from in MCKK at that time! ahahah )

anyway, for this assignment i am just the 2nd photographer while the first was fairuz. for faz & azmi, i hope u guys love the photos & albums u've got, thank you for trusting this old friend of yours in capturing your special moment together and may God bless you two always. +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +

+ photos by fairuz & ditambah2 oleh min
+ held on sunday, 19th february 2006 in klang +

Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 07:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ bila ISA menerima WAHIYU | part 2 +

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+ this reception was held the day after the nikah day... rasanya habis satu kuala terengganu dtg kot! . anyway, the next event for them will be in penang pulak. so see u guys in penang! hee hee hee +

+ peektugraphed by min
+ held on the 17th february 2006 in kuala terengganu +

Tuesday, 25-Jul-2006 04:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ al-fatihah +

quite a shocking news to all malaysians..popular actor hani mohsin hanafi has passed away this morning. such a great loss is felt.. especially among fellow old boys of MCKK.

takziah to the allahyarham's family from all of us at pretty peektures.

pic source : imdb.com

Monday, 24-Jul-2006 03:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ bila ISA menerima WAHIYU | part 1 +

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+ how do u feel when u're working and ur bosses are very nice to u, very good in looking after you and most importantly, takdehal on the deadline! hehe! of coz u feel great isn't it? u just wish u gonna be under ur boss forever right? but with us wedding photographers, we only have our bosses for a short period of time and for the good ones, we reaaaaaallly gonna miss them! . and so does all the crew at +pp+ felt towards this always happy go lucky couple - isa & wahiyu. hehehehe...

thank you soooo much for your trust with us as we covered all the 4 events.., ( lagi sikiiiiit nak jadi 5 .. ) from kuala terengganu to penang. and this entry is the first from the 4. congrats guys!

managed to ask wahiyu how she first get to meet isa... here is the excerpt

gorgeous_**: ahhahahah...i tengah layan tengok video nie..macam kelakar lak...kekekek
gorgeous_**: pada suatu hari......saya tengah single
gorgeous_**: isa jugak tengah single
gorgeous_**: but masa tu saya tak kenal langsung kewujudan isa di dunia ini
gorgeous_**: masa saya tengah enjoy saya punye single life....adalah seorang kawan saya ini....tiba2 je out of nowhere my friend nie menjerit kat i...dia kata..."HAH!!!!! i know what kind of guy you are looking for!!!"
gorgeous_**: terkejut badak lah saya...i was like???what??who?? where??
mrikan: hahahaha
gorgeous_**: he said " He must be tall, good looking, chinese look sikit, most important thing he must be fair, must be intelligent and successful in life kan???
gorgeous_**: i puilak dengar terus lah excited...i kata lah...ahahlah..mana u tau ah??
gorgeous_**: lepas tu...my friend nie beria lah nak kenal kan i kat mamat isa nie
gorgeous_**: sampai lah one fine day...me and my friends beramai2 lepak kat hartamas square
gorgeous_**: datang lah si isa untuk menerima wahyu
mrikan: ´┐╝hahahaha
gorgeous_**: time tu bulan december 2004
mrikan: wooo
mrikan: merry christmas!!!!!
gorgeous_**: ahhaha..tak christmas lagi
gorgeous_**: cinta nie berputik masa time tsunami datang 2004...i was in pangkor and he was in penang
mrikan: aha
gorgeous_**: we all tengah bercinta dalam phone sambil didatangi tsunami cinta yang tak terkata
gorgeous_**: kekekekekek
mrikan: woooo.. romantiknyaaaa
gorgeous_**: =))
gorgeous_**: but i cakap betul nie...kekekekek
gorgeous_**: lepas dah dua2 balik kl...dgn rindu yang masih membara nie...berpaut lah 2 hati menjadi satu
gorgeous_**: lalu di proposed lah sidara oleh siteruna pada hari lahir si dara nie
gorgeous_**: dgn penuh syahdu sidara menangis...lidah terkedu tidak terkata
gorgeous_**: pasal happy lah kan
gorgeous_**: pastu we all engaged bulan lapan...then kahwin lah
gorgeous_**: sampai sekarang
gorgeous_**: amin....
mrikan: aminnnnn
gorgeous_**: amacam...best tak???
gorgeous_**: cinta tsunami isa dan wahiyu
mrikan: beeesstt.. hehehehhe

demikianlah interview saya yg singkat dgn puan wahiyu. hehehehe... rasa mcm interview artis lak,.. anyway, enjoy the pics! and to both families, in penang & kuala terengganu, kitorang nak ucapkan tenkkkiiuuu berbanyak2 for taking a guuuuud care of our team. makacih! makacih! makacih! ada wedding lagi lain kali jgn lupa jemput! hee hee hee +

+ peektugraphed by min
+ held on the 17th february 2006 in kuala terengganu +

Monday, 24-Jul-2006 02:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ congratulations ms saliza! - the star 24th july 2006 +

+ all of us at pretty peektures would like to congratulate ms saliza abdullah for her recent achievement! congrats! she was awarded winner of NAWEM women entrepreneur award and gonna tie her wedding knot in 2 weeks time! heheheh! bolehlah letak the award nanti kat sebelah pelamin ek! +

+ congrats again from all of us yang tumpang sekaki ni !! hehehe +


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